Home Learning

Our Home Learning Program was designed after extensive consultation with our Nova families and staff team. Our home learning focus is on children developing their key skills (reading, spelling and number facts) as we believe these skills are the building blocks of learning that will help children in all areas of their learning. Children are also provided with a choice of wider curriculum learning project suggestions. 

You can find out more details in our Nova Home Learning Policy. 

You can read our letters to parents and carers about home learning policy changes in September 2021 here: Parent and Carer Home Learning update

Here are the links to Home Learning Menus for Term 1 2021: 

Year 1 Home Learning Tasks

Year 2 Home Learning Tasks

Year 3 Home Learning Tasks

Year 4 Home Learning Tasks

Year 5 Home Learning Tasks

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks

At Nova Primary the emphasis is on choice and a personal desire to learn outside the classroom. We sincerely hope that parents and carers will enjoy supporting their child with their home learning, after all, they are their first teachers. Though non-compulsory, we always endeavour to value and praise children for their efforts.

Here is an example of the wonderful home learning our Nova Stars are proud to produce at home:

Stone Age camp models made at home by these wonderful Year 3 artists!