Religious Education

How do we teach RE at Nova?

We follow an enquiry approach to teaching RE to help us develop children’s
curiosity about others’ beliefs, values and religions. We use the South
Gloucestershire RE enquiry scheme of work as the basis of our lessons.
Each child takes part in 3 RE enquiry days per year. There is opportunity as
part of each of these days for children to gain knowledge of religions and
practices and for them to discuss and apply this to their own lives.

Here is an overview of the RE enquiry questions in each year group:

You can find an overview of religions explored as well as our skills, knowledge and progression document here:

All children from Year 2 have RE enquiry books where they record their
individual learning. These books follow children through the school. High
expectations of presentation should be seen in all RE books, including spelling and handwriting.

Each class also has an RE enquiry floorbook (which follows them through the school) which records evidence of collective learning e.g. experiences, drama and discussion. Sentence stems are used in all RE lessons to support children in expressing their opinions and in aiding discussion with others.

You can find out more about our RE intent here: