Being Philosophers – Religious Education

How do we teach RE at Nova?

We follow an enquiry approach to teaching RE to help us develop children’s curiosity about others’ beliefs, values and religions. We use the South Gloucestershire RE enquiry scheme of work as the basis of our lessons. Here is an overview of the enquiry questions children explore through the school.

Questions are progressively more challenging as children move through the school, challenging children to reflect on their knowledge of other religions and world views and what this means to them. Discussion in an integral part of RE lessons, encouraging children to listen to others and share their thinking. Sentence stems are used in all RE lessons to support children in expressing their opinions and in aiding discussion with others.

In the Early Years, RE is explored through adult led and child initiated play based on the EYFS Framework 2021 and the children’s interests. Through the themes in the long term plans, the children investigate Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Ramadan and Eid and begin developing their curiosity and understanding of the world around them as well as experience things such as tasting food from different cultures and sharing family celebrations. 

Each child in KS1 and 2 takes part in weekly RE lessons every other term. During these lessons, children gain knowledge of religions and practices and discuss and apply these to their own lives. Children are encouraged to present their learning in different ways. During these lessons, children gain knowledge of religions and practices and how values in these could be applied to their lives. Plentiful drama, art and writing activities allow children to explore and develop their knowledge and personal views.

All children from Year 1 have RE enquiry books where they record their individual learning. These books follow children through the school. High expectations of presentation should be seen in all RE books, including spelling and handwriting.

You can find an overview of religions explored as well as our skills, knowledge and progression document here:



Dympna Leonard is our Lead Philosopher, who you can speak to to find out more about how we teach our RE Curriculum at Nova.

Our priorities:

To improve pupils’ RE knowledge by implementing strategies to develop retention and application of facts.

To develop pupils’ oracy and vocabulary skills.

To provide opportunities for children to reflect and express their views on the beliefs they have been studying.

To ensure intent of RE teaching (knowledge and understanding of the world and PSED) is strong in EYFS.