Children at Nova Primary School love English lessons! Reading and writing are taught from the moment children enter our Foundation Stage classes; (Wallace and Gromit) where they enjoy listening to and looking at books, talking to each other and begin to recognise and write letters and sounds.

We follow The National Curriculum 2014. The statutory requirements for English are listed here, year by year.

English from the National Curriculum

Although our English curriculum for writing follows the National Curriculum for English 2014, it is a ‘flexible’ document giving teachers the freedom to adapt content according to the interests and needs of the cohort. All teachers use a rich mixture of stimuli, such as quality texts (‘The Power of Reading Project’), trips, visitors, project links, hands-on experiences, making books and animations eg. Literacy Shed andLend Me Your Literacy to ensure that all lessons:

D: Deepen thinking
R: Role model the learning processes
I: Impact on learning
C: Challenge expectations
E: Engage all children in learning

We always teach useful, lifelong writing skills. Skills that will enable them to write for specific audiences and purposes, and give them the confidence to take the next step in their learning journey.

Assessment & Marking of Writing
Daily English lessons are planned with a clear learning objective and success criteria, against which the piece of writing is assessed by the teacher. Throughout the lesson, children assess (and edit in green pen) their own writing by regular use of ‘3 Finger Checker’ stops to focus on accuracy in punctuation, spelling and grammar. We are developing our use peer assessment and children are encouraged to read each other’s work and comment on positives and areas for improvement.

Children are set individual targets in writing based on identified gaps in learning. These targets are taught as part of the phased planning cycle and progress towards the target is monitored in the back of the English book. Targets are discussed with our children updated regularly. Staff currently moderate writing at termly year group meetings. A body of work is formally assessed in Term 2, 4 and 6 each year.

These documents outline how we teach the National Curriculum for English and integrate writing into the wider curriculum. All teachers use a rich mixture of stimuli, such as quality texts (The Power of Reading Project), trips, visitors, hands-on experiences, making books and animations to inspire written work.