Personal, Social & Health Education

PSHE Education at Nova Primary reflects the needs of all children who attend. It is the culmination of a range effective of initiatives and programmes of learning that we currently use in school. It reflects our vision that high quality PSHE underpins all aspects of education.

At Nova we deliver weekly discrete PSHE lessons following the SCARF scheme of work (which promotes safety, care, achievement, resilience and friendship) and ensures progression in knowledge, attitudes and values, and skills – including the key skills of social and emotional learning, known to improve outcomes for children. You can find more information about SCARF here: In addition to our SCARF scheme, teachers deliver bespoke PSHE lessons based on the needs of their class and current issues.

This document shows how our scheme of work meets DfE requirements as well as additional elements:

Children have their own individual SCARF books to record their independent PSHE learning as well as reflections on collective learning e.g. experiences, drama and discussion. High expectations of presentation should be seen in all PSHE work, including spelling and handwriting.

Our school assemblies and whole school events are often linked to the PSHE curriculum and are followed up with linked work in class allowing children to have a broad range of experiences throughout their school life.
We encourage children to demonstrate and apply the British Values of democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law and liberty to their daily lives. We enable them to have a healthy outlook towards school and an increased awareness of mental well-being.


Naomi Lewis is our PSHE Leader, who you can speak to to find out more about how we teach our PSHE Curriculum at Nova.