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Governors work to support and improve education in our school. They come from all walks of life bringing a variety of experience and skills.

What do school governors do?

  • Work with the head teacher to determine the overall direction of the school.
  • Oversee the budget.
  • Help recruit staff.
  • Monitor the performance of the school, e.g. in examinations and key stage tests.
  • Advise on school policies and procedures.

What does being a school governor involve?

Being a governor can be an enjoyable and stimulating way to spend a small amount of time each month. The experience of working as part of a team involved in running the school can prove helpful in everyday life. Free training available for governors gives them the opportunity to develop new skills to use in their job or other community work. It can also be very rewarding when other people listen to, and respect their opinions on the issues facing the school. If you would like to know more about what being a Governor involves then follow this link: Governor Commitments


As a governor you taking on the following commitments to help make sure the school is well managed;

  • Share the responsibilities of the governing body as summarised above.
  • Attend and participate in governors meetings on a regular basis – governors generally meet six times a year with additional committee meetings.
  • Spend some time on training and getting to know the school.
  • As required, sit on appointments panels or panels that handle staff or pupil discipline issues, recruitment or complaints against the school.

Our Governors at Nova Primary

There are different types of governor – some are appointed by parents, some by the Local Authority (LA), and some by the governors themselves.

In response to advice from the Bristol GDS, at the FGB on Wednesday 16th July 2014, the Nova Primary Governing Body has made the following reconstitution decisions:

1. The FGB agreed to reconstitute in line with the forthcoming September 2015 regulations.
2. The FGB agreed reconstitution took effect from 1st August 2014.
3. The FGB agreed total size is 12 Governors (including Head): 2 x Staff, 1 x Local Authority, 2 x Parent and 7 x Co-opted.
4. The FGB agreed 4 years term of office for all Governor categories.

List of Nova Primary Governors

  • Laurence Haynes – Local Authority (Chair)
  • William Bellamy – Co-opted (Vice Chair)
  • Anna Morris – Headteacher
  • Steve Miller – co-opted
  • Mark Andres – Co-opted
  • Ian Thomas – Co-opted
  • Rosie Woolland – Co-opted
  • Vacancy – Co-opted
  • Colin Davis – Parent Governor
  • Kirsty Judd – Parent Governor
  • Rachel Risley – Staff Governor
  • Helen Thorpe – Associate Governor

All of our Governors can be contacted via the School Office or emailed directly at

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