In addition to our class music lessons we also offer instrumental lessons from Bristol Plays Music.  At present we offer:

Year 1 – Violin lessons

Year 2 and 3 – Guitar Drum and Violin lessons

Year 4 – Guitar, Drum, Violin and Flute

We will be able to offer a wider range of instruments if there is enough interest.  Please let Mrs Young, the Music Co-ordinator know if you would like your child to learn an instrument not listed above.

Instrumental lessons are provided by Bristol Plays Music peripatetic teachers.  Currently, lessons are approximately £5 – £6 depending on how many children are in the group.  If you would like your child to be in a lesson on their own it is possible, but will be more expensive. 

A 20-minute lesson can have a maximum of 2 pupils and a 30-minute lesson a maximum of 4 pupils, with the exception of Piano and Drum lessons which must have only 2 pupils regardless of duration. We strongly recommend that 30-minute lessons have a maximum of 3 pupils, to ensure quality of lessons and to allow for flexibility in adapting groups, as pupils progress at different levels. Individual lessons are also available and are advisable as pupils become more proficient in playing their instrument.

We do have some larger school violins available for loan, but have found most Y1 children will need a smaller violin.  Instruments can be hired from Bristol Plays Music:,of%20our%20Music%20Centre%20ensembles.&text=*Band%20A%20instruments%20may%20be,for%20a%20nominal%20final%20fee.