Being a Digital Engineer (Computing)

How do we teach Computing at Nova?

In EYFS, adults support children to be digital engineers during continuous provision using the resources in the classroom. Computing in EYFS is centred around children having the opportunity to develop their computational thinking skills in readiness for KS1, through bespoke resources created for Early Years by Barefoot Computing and Computing At School.

In addition to this, children in EYFS will also have the opportunity to grow as digital engineers and developing their understanding of technology through opportunities such as: taking photographs with tablets and exploring how we can alter them, searching for information on the internet using age appropriate search engines such as Kiddle, playing games on the interactive whiteboard, exploring computing equipment such as a mouse, keyboard and monitor, using a Beebot, watching a video clip or listening to music.

At Nova, Year 1-6 have discrete computing lessons in their classrooms using class sets of laptops or I-Pads. We use the ‘Teach Computing’ scheme of work as a basis for our planning. Teachers assess and adjust plans as required to ensure teaching builds upon children’s prior learning. You can find out more here: Curriculum teaching resources (

Each child will be able to progress through 6 computing units throughout a year which focus on developing children’s skills and knowledge in programming, multimedia, handling data and technology in our lives.

Children are given opportunities to share their learning with a real audience where possible e.g. through class assemblies/cross phase learning. The ‘Teach Computing’ scheme of work also allows plenty of opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration, which in turn provides children with the opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon their learning.

You can find out more about the scheme we use here: Curriculum teaching resources (

Here you can find the units taught in each term across the school:

Here you can find the computing curriculum journey from Y1-Y6:

Our Curriculum teaching all aspects of Computing.

You can read our computing intent here:



Jon Deeney is our Lead Digital Engineer (Computing) who you can speak to to find out more about how we teach our Computing Curriculum at Nova.

Priorities this year:

To ensure new computing subject leader is confident in rationale, intent, implementation and impact of Nova’s Computing curriculum.

Appropriate computing assessment is implemented, allowing children to reflect on their computing learning and providing teachers with information to shape provision.

Teaching Team are confident in using new scheme of learning, which in turn supports teachers’ own knowledge and expertise to promote pupil’s digital literacy.