Design & Technology

How do we teach design and technology at Nova?

Children learn DT across the school through focused projects. Each project will require children to research and design their product thoroughly before they make it and time will be given to evaluate their product. This research-design-make-evaluate-refine cycle forms the basis for all DT projects.

Children will have opportunities to research and compare products, considering their pros and cons.

Children will create at least two designs, using their research to innovate.
They will be able to annotate their designs to decide which will be made.

Children will have sufficient time to make their designs. They will have access to a range of materials and tools required.

Teachers will plan plentiful opportunities for children to reflect upon and compare their own work, providing kind, helpful and specific feedback. In KS2, children will self-assess their skills using a DT matrix.

Children will have opportunities to use their evaluation and apply their DT skills to create a final product. Children will have opportunities to share
their work with an audience.

You can find out more about our DT intent here:

Our DT skills, knowledge and vocabulary progression document can be found here: