british values

British Values permeate all aspects of school life. They heavily influenced our new 2014 Curriculum and our forward-thinking PSHE overview. They provide a foundation for all SMSC provision and our collective worship. Look out for these things around the school

Rule of Law

Behaviour Policy that focuses of on rights and rights respecting behaviour Class charters that are positive and written by the children, for the children Broad and balanced curriculum, and PSHE curriculum that promote learning about political and legal systems here and abroad Strong emphasis in PSHE, from EYFS and upwards on right and wrong and the need to make informed choices Rights Action Group support school processes for implementing behaviour policy Wide ranging reward systems for positive, rights respecting behaviour Convention of the Rights of the Child used as a basis for work on rights and entitlement around the world.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Broad and balanced curriculum which asks children to look locally and globally at a wide range of cultural and religious practices Curriculum term 2 devoted to RE and a faith study Christianity explored through in depth study at Easter and Christmas PSHE Curriculum designed to promote discussion and debate about faith in modern Britain and promote acceptance of different beliefs Rights Respecting Award- values and welcomes diversity Strong, reciprocated Ugandan link, immersing children in a culture very different from their own Assemblies, reflection and clergy visits promote understanding of faith and spirituality Yearly trip for all year groups to different places of worship EYFS’s flexible, child-led approach means festivals and cultural practices are explored by our youngest children.

Mutual Respect

Rights Respecting award underpinned by true understanding of ‘respect’ and its role in creating harmonious communities in modern Britain and beyond Termly charity fundraising led by Rights Action Group, as well as responsive campaigns e.g. Nepalese earthquake Class behaviour charters and ‘PSHE/RSE’ charters help children respect each other and themselves Differences are celebrated through achievement assemblies, circle times, discussions and visiting workshops ALL adults model positive relationships Anti-bullying message is strong and understood by all stakeholders, promoted through PSHE, assemblies and displays An extensive range of clubs and sporting opportunities uphold values of team work and respect for all Learning mentor works with groups and individuals to fosters respectful relationships.


Two stage election process for RAG Team members Homework, assemblies and class work on BIG political events e.g. The 2015 General Election Ethos of fairness and pupil voice in all aspects of school Pupil and parent questionnaires that inform School improvement Increase in parent/carer voice, directly impacting and moulding school initiatives Children’s option to choose own home learning on Takeaway Menus Explicit teaching about Democracy through PSHE and wider curriculum e.g. ‘What is democracy?’ line of enquiry in Year 5, as part of work on Ancient Greece.

Individual Liberty

Huge emphasis on Pupil Voice RAG team have weekly opportunities to share school council business and listen to what their classes would like to see happen Broad and balanced curriculum allows children to direct learning questions, giving them ownership Parent forums on RSE, Homework and SEN show all stakeholders have a voice School values reflect what matters to the children and their families Emphasis on play and self-development through lunchtime activities and clubs Comparisons with other children in other cultures promote the importance of freedom of choice and speech PSHE curriculum provides opportunities to explore what happens in places where liberty is restricted Debating club