At Nova Primary School we aim to create within children an enjoyment of reading and to enable all our pupils to become discerning, confident readers by the time they leave us in Year 6. Our hard work has resulted in Nova Primary School achieving the Bristol Every Child a Reader Standard (ECaR) in 2011.

Reading is paramount to all learning, so we have a strong emphasis on Guided Reading throughout the school and particularly in Year 1. For Guided Reading a group of children, of the same ability, work with the teacher on reading skills and comprehension. This is something all children love. Our Guided Reading books do not go home, but parents and carers of infant children can stay, at the start of the day, to Early Bird Reading where children practise re-reading these books. So much of reading is based on memory. Parents and carers are a child’s first and most important teacher.

It is important you hear your child read at home and sign the Reading Record. Children in the infants earn badges for every 10 books read at home, with the aim of being in the 100 Club.

We use the Power of Reading in KS2 in our Literacy Lessons.

What if a child is finding reading difficult?
We are lucky that we have many interventions that are used throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to help children who are not finding reading easy.

What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery helps children who are aged about 6 years old who are not finding it easy to learn to read and write. Mrs Young, our Reading Recovery Teacher, works with children on a one to one basis.

The programme lasts up to 20 weeks with each child having a half hour lesson every day. In that time, the aim is for each child’s learning to be accelerated to enable them to catch up with the average of their peers. We aim for children to reach national curriculum level 1a by the end of Year 1 (Book Band Orange – Turquoise), 2b by the end of Year 2 (Book Band Gold).

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What is Better Reading Partners/BRP?
Better Reading Partners (BRP) is a reading intervention that helps children improve their reading and comprehension skills. Volunteers and LSAs (Learning Support Assistants) are specially trained to deliver the BRP programme, which is overseen by our Reading Recovery Teacher, Mrs Young.

The programme last for 10 weeks. Children read with their partner 3 times a week for 15 minutes.

What do we do at Nova Primary to help our pupils with their reading?
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How can I help my child with their reading?
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You can help your child improve their reading in many ways:


  • Home Reading Books – Reading books are sent home once children begin full time. Spend 5 – 10 minutes helping your child read these books every day.
  • Library Books – Changed once a week. Please enjoy reading this to your child and talk about the pictures with your child.
  • High Frequency Words – Sent home once a week on a sentence strip. Please practise these at home.
  • Early Bird Reading – Around Easter time there will be boxes of familiar books for your child to read to you when they come in to school in the morning.

Year One and Year Two:

  • Early Bird Reading – Early Bird reading occurs daily, before register in Year 1 and two or three times a week in Year 2. Please enjoy books with your child first thing in the morning when you bring them into school.
  • Home Reading Books – Take 5-10 minutes a day to hear your child read their book from school.
  • Book Badges – When a child has read 20, 30, 40 books they will receive a special badge. Reach 100 books and they will receive a prize!
  • Read stories to your child – Children love being read to! This really helps them to enjoy and understand books, and to develop their story language.
  • High Frequency Words – Your child’s teacher will send words home for your child to learn. Please practise these with your child. It will help their reading become a lot more fluent.

Years Three to Six:

  • Home Reading Books – It is still valuable to hear your child read. Also try to encourage your child to read some independently. Discuss with your child what is happening in the story and ask questions about the story to check that they are understanding what they are reading.

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Phonics at Nova Primary

We use Read Write Inc alongside Letters and Sounds activities. Sheets are sent home with the sounds that the children are learning in school. Please help your child to practise saying and writing these sounds. There are also rhymes to learn. There is a DVD available for you to buy to help with learning these sounds.

Children from Reception to Year 2 practise their phonics three times a week in a group appropriate to their ability. If a child would benefit from further phonics work, then they will be able to access this in Year 3 too. If you are worried about your child’s reading or would like some further advice then please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs Young at school.