At Nova Primary we are proud of our curriculum. It truly reflects the passions, interests and backgrounds of our children and is underpinned by our values, rights respecting ethos and emphasis on enquiry-led learning as well as a strong emphasis on the core basic skills of reading, writing and maths, it aims to educate children through a very wide range of inspirational experiences and educational visits.

Nova Curriculum Overview

The ‘Learning Voyage’

Initially, the curriculum is organised into termly units which ensure children receive their entitlement to ‘The National Curriculum’.

At Nova Primary, we see learning as a journey, and the children as the intrepid explorers. At the start of each term, the children will be given a ‘line of enquiry’ which could take the form of a question or a challenge to set them on their way. Each year group will start with a ‘launch’, an event, experience, visitor or trip to ignite new learning. At the end of term, the line of enquiry is brought to a conclusion with a ‘landing’; an event that celebrates the children’s achievements such as a performance, a themed activity or a display.

Of course some subjects will not automatically fit into this voyage. Languages, for example will be taught on a weekly, stand-alone basis. Other subjects may be taught in special days or weeks. This allows some really in-depth purposeful work over the course of the year.

Curriculum Identity

The Nova Primary Curriculum teaches knowledge and skills, but it has other priorities which are considered throughout the planning process, and we believe it must:

  • Reflect our school values and rights respecting ethos
  • Have SMSC development at its core
  • Be cross-curricular, showing children how subjects link together to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Incorporate taught ‘Learning Behaviour’ to give children a toolkit of strategies to help them access the curriculum such as emotional intelligence, perseverance and adaptability.
  • Significantly value pupil voice, giving them ownership of the Nova Curriculum. We’ve already consulted all KS1 and KS2 on how it should look and will do so every step of the way.
  • Be context- based! We want learning experiences to be meaningful, useful and teach skills that can and will be used in the real world.
  • Make links with home and family. We want to involve all our parents, grandparents and siblings in the learning journey, making use of their knowledge and experiences as much as we can.

 Watch this space as our Nova Curriculum voyage sets sail this year…

Please follow this link to view our curriculum lines of enquiry by year group and term and year group curriculum maps:

The 2014 National Curriculum

At Nova Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that all children receive their entitlement to the National Curriculum. This sets out the age-related knowledge and skills children should acquire over their primary schooling.

Some subjects such as English are quite detailed and are broken down into year groups. Others such as computing are just broken down into Key Stage One and Two. Children in Reception follow their own curriculum.

Each term, class teachers, with support from the curriculum team responsible for leading the term, will break down the curriculum even further and create a learning passport. This will help the children and their teachers track their progress, and know how to move forward with their learning.

Below are the links to the requirements for each subject, taken from the National Curriculum.